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Simone Toomer, IBCLC

Simone is a mother of two, a doula, an IBCLC, and a childbirth educator. Her journey to empowering families started with her own birth in 2012. She went on to nurse both children through toddlerhood. They were both her sidekicks in support groups, wrapped in carriers and bouncing on her hips. Her second nursing journey gave her more inspiration for becoming an IBCLC as she immediately knew her newborn’s latch was not ideal. Starting bottles and pumping day 4 was never in her plan.

After multiple support groups and visits with colleagues, it was concluded that her son had a posterior tongue tie. Furthermore, anatomical concerns, body tension, and how it all impacts feeding at breast and bottle has become a passion of hers.

Simone has supported families in hospitals, birthing centers, clinics, and WIC offices. She volunteers through La Leche League and Chocolate Milk Cafe, making lactation support accessible in NYC, where the maternal mortality rate is high and black breastfeeding rates are low.