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Willow Merchant


Year of Certification


Special Interests

Very Early days of New Parenthood,
NICU transition,
Back to Work

Language Spoken


Please share anything you'd like from your own personal breastfeeding experience.

All 3 of my boys exclusively received breastmilk for an extended time.  Each breastfeeding experience was challenging in different ways.  Tandem nursing my two youngest boys was a wild ride I was so lucky to have!

What excites you most about being an IBCLC?

Supporting families from the beginning of baby's life when it all feels so challenging

In what types of settings have you supported patients in lactation?

NICU, Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient, Home

What makes up your family (people & pets)?

We are a boy house. Three sons, two boy dogs, and husband

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?

Swimming, Hanging by the river, forest bathing and crafting

Please share any additional education or certifications you have.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Nurse Coach, Childbirth Educator, Infant Massage Instructor, Trauma Care Practitioner

What state do you reside in?


When did you know you wanted to become an IBCLC?

In my early days in the NICU at Stanford, interfacing with the lactation consultants was the best!  It was so refreshing to experience the sincere and honest support they provided to patients.

Why did you become an IBCLC?

The rawness of new parenthood and being able to drop into heart center and meeting people where they are lights me up.  Supporting families in being honest about challenges and needs and how that is moving through is the most beautiful experience.  I always need to have babies in my life!

What do you wish you could tell every parent (that they would actually do) and why?

You ARE figuring it out!  You are the exact perfect parent chosen by your baby and they adore you.