Joanna Kreyling, IBCLC

Joanna Kreyling, PNP, IBCLC, breastfeeding support specialist

Joanna Kreyling first began working in pediatrics as an RN. Later she went back to school and earned her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Degree, specializing in Primary Care. While working in pediatrician offices, she became aware of the need for accurate information and adequate support to breastfeeding families. She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to be a resource as well as a way to help reduce obesity, allergies/asthma, autoimmune disease, SIDS, respiratory and GI infections, certain childhood cancers, and more. She has professional and personal experience with breastfeeding after a reduction and postpartum anxiety and depression.

After the birth of her son, she settled into her work at Nest Collaborative as well as caring for her three girls with her husband in Cincinnati, Ohio. She doesn’t have much spare time, but she really likes massages and chocolate!