Telemedicine is a rapidly evolving and growing field in health care where clinical information and services are delivered using telecommunications technology. It has been clinically proven to be a safe and cost-effective means of providing medical care, when used under expert-developed guidelines and best practices.

The American Telemedicine Association is an excellent resource for those wishing to learn more.

Yes! Currently, we are in-network with:

Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
Aetna (Maryland)
Cigna (Maryland)
Johns Hopkins Healthcare (EHP)

Your financial responsibility for visits is based on your individual plan and may include a copay, coinsurance and/or a deductible. Please check with your carrier before your visit to obtain current information on your financial responsibility. Registering prior to your first visit will allow us to verify this information for you as well.

For patients not covered under our network plans, please see our discounted fees below.

For patients using insurance, the cost will vary depending on your plan’s copay and any required deductible. We are happy to help you help confirm this information. Copays typically range from $10-25 per visit.

The below fees apply to patients not using insurance, when paid in full on date of service. Fees include a time of service discount.

Pediatric Visits:
Lactation Consults:
$65 (up to 30 minutes)
$100 (up to 60 minutes)

*In the event that it is determined within the first few minutes of your child’s visit that a higher level of in-person care is necessary, uninsured patients will be charged a consultation fee of $10, due at time of service.

Lactation consults are available in all 50 US States.

Pediatric medical visits are available for any patient physically located in the state of Maryland.

We prescribe medications electronically to your preferred pharmacy when medically appropriate.
Yes. If you have a payment card (Visa/MC/Amex) from your benefit provider, you can use it to pay for your services directly.
Patients that provide insurance information with our participating networks are processed through their insurance carriers.

Fees for services billed to health insurance carriers are billed in full and not subject to any time of service discounts. Please be advised ahead of time of any copay, coinsurance or deductible for which the member is responsible.

Telemedicine services can effectively treat many pediatric health concerns including colds and viral illnesses, fever, allergies, flu-like symptoms, digestive concerns, rashes, conjunctivitis, minor injuries and insect bites.

Additionally, we can effectively address ongoing concerns such as pain, headaches, recurrent symptoms and behavioral concerns such as nutritional habits, colic, toilet training, tantrums and sleep hygiene.

After a brief review of your child’s history and current symptoms at each visit, we will determine if telemedicine is an appropriate option for your presenting concern.

If it is determined within the first few minutes of a visit that there is need for a higher level of in-person care, you will be directed to the most appropriate service and charged a nominal consultation fee.

Access to your child’s medical record greatly improves the effectiveness of the telemedicine-based interventions we provide. The more we know about your child, the more individualized care we can provide.
To decrease your chances of an interrupted visit, we suggest you perform an equipment check using your preferred device prior to your first visit; you can find this option when you first log in to our service and app.

Additionally, we recommend always using the most reliable method available to you to access the internet. WI-FI is preferred over cellular, and a wired network is preferred to wireless, though most high-speed wireless connections are sufficient.

If you lose connectivity, try to reconnect. If a connection cannot be established, your provider will call you at the phone number listed on your account. Alternatively, you can try reaching your provider by calling our main line at 410-443-0022.

If at anytime during a telemedicine visit, regardless of connectivity issues, you suspect your child may be or is having an emergency, call 911 immediately.

You may authorize a non-parent adult to consent to care for your child by filling out and signing our Guardian Form.

Please note, guardianship for medical decisions should only be assigned to a person whose competency and judgement you fully trust.