Shiri Perl, IBCLC

Shiri is an IBCLC with 10 years of healthcare experience in various roles, with significant experience having been a Licensed Practical Nurse in Pediatrics since 2013. While working in Pediatrics, she has gained extensive knowledge on the dynamics between lactating parent and baby, and the importance of chestfeeding.

After mentoring and counseling the parent/baby duo in chestfeeding for a few years in the outpatient pediatric setting, she set out to become an IBCLC and Postpartum Doula. Shiri’s philosophy is that a fed baby is a happy baby. And however you feed your baby, it is a bonding experience unlike any other. Her goal as a lactation consultant is to educate new parents on the benefits of chestfeeding, help troubleshoot issues, and be an advocate for both the lactating parent and child in making the chestfeeding experience one of comfort, love, and nourishment.

Shiri currently works both in private practice and with Nest Collaborative as she believes that everybody should have access to quality lactation care. Shiri is also a mother of a beautiful son who she is currently breastfeeding. In her free time, she enjoys sailing, knitting and crochet, and spending time with her family.