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Mindi Wiechman


Year of Certification


Special Interests

Under/Over Supply
Back to Work
Breastfeeding after a reduction

Language Spoken


Please share anything you'd like from your own personal breastfeeding experience.

It took two weeks of trying with every feed to get my late preterm daughter to latch. I lost my supply at six months due to a miscarriage with my son and then with my daughter when I didn't have time to pump at work around ten months.  I reached out and couldn't find help. I never want someone to feel like that!

What excites you most about being an IBCLC?

Helping moms experience how wonderful breastfeeding can be.

In what types of settings have you supported patients in lactation?

Hospital, outpatient, and over the phone.

What makes up your family (people & pets)?

I have been married for 11 years. I have two children, a boy and a girl, and a giant Yorkie.

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?

I love reading, camping, and bingeing British crime shows.

Please share any additional education or certifications you have.

I am NRP and EFM certified

What state do you reside in?


When did you know you wanted to become an IBCLC?

About eight years ago.

Why did you become an IBCLC?

After having multiple struggles with my own breastfeeding experience, I want to make sure that all moms have access to help with breastfeeding.

What do you wish you could tell every parent (that they would actually do) and why?

Take it one feeding at a time! It's so easy to get discouraged, but the end result is worth it!