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Marcda Hilaire Brunot MPH, IBCLC

Marcda first became a CLC then became an IBCLC to further address breastfeeding disparities in the black community and be a beacon of hope. She has served on the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition Executive Board advocating to protect and promote breastfeeding. She breastfed 2 children, one of which was a tongue-tied baby who was breastfed for 23 months. She has experience with WIC breastfeeding dyads, the NICU & labor and delivery in the hospital, and home visits. Her passions and interests include women's health, tongue ties, pumping, breastfeeding and work, and helping military families. She strives to help each client UNLEASH her superpower of making vital HUMAN MILK, one drop at a time especially in this post COVID world. 

She is a military wife and current doctor of chiropractic student. Her hobbies include poetry and singing.  She is fluent in Haitian Creole