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Lori Theisen


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Please share anything you'd like from your own personal breastfeeding experience.

After my son was admitted to the NICU and after experiencing feeding challenges of my own, I went back to school to become an RN and IBCLC to help other families.

What excites you most about being an IBCLC?

It's such an honor to be able to share space with families during such a sensitive and intimate time. I love educating, empowering, and supporting families during their unique feeding journey.

In what types of settings have you supported patients in lactation?

I have supported families in birth centers, hospitals, NICU, outpatient, and private practice.

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?

I love hiking, traveling, theatre and art. I also teach pre and postnatal pilates, and I am a Reiki practitioner.

Please share any additional education or certifications you have.

BS in Nursing, Registered Nurse, and BA in Theatre Arts

What state do you reside in?


When did you know you wanted to become an IBCLC?

After my son was admitted to the NICU, I knew I was learning a lot and wanted to share it with others.

Why did you become an IBCLC?

I became an IBCLC because of my own feeding challenges with my child. I was getting conflicting information about how/when to feed from different care providers. I became an IBCLC because I wanted to care for families in ways that I was cared for and in the ways I was not cared for. Human milk feeding is based on research and science, which needs to be given to families to empower and educate them. This will help them to make their own unique feeding plan.

What do you wish you could tell every parent (that they would actually do) and why?

When a child is born, a parent is born. You will be a new you, and so will your partner. Life is too short to compare your new body, parenting choices, and feeding choices with others. Comparison is the root of all evil. Practice losing that parent guilt now- it's a waste of time. You do you.