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Kelly Lewis


Year of Certification


Special Interests

Returning to Work,
Toddler/Tandem Nursing,
Special Needs

Language Spoken


Please share anything you'd like from your own personal breastfeeding experience.

I exclusively breastfed my first son for roughly 13 months. With the stress of a high-demand job, I was fortunate to be able to transition to a pumping and breastfeeding journey after returning to work. 

I am so grateful to have been able to breastfeed my second son for 2 years. We met a challenge that caused me the need to abruptly wean him, although I'm thankful for how far we made it, I can remember the feelings of sadness and guilt once my breastfeeding journey came to an end.

What excites you most about being an IBCLC?

The opportunity to help a parent reach a new goal during their breastfeeding journey. Being able to support someone through the rough patches but finding success during each step of the way.

In what types of settings have you supported patients in lactation?

Hospital, Special care nursery, outpatient, telehealth and phone support

What makes up your family (people & pets)?

My husband and I have two sons, and our family has two pups!

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?

Reading and playing with my children.

Please share any additional education or certifications you have.

I have my Bachelor of Science in Nursing & am Lamaze Certified in Childbirth Education.

What state do you reside in?


When did you know you wanted to become an IBCLC?

After the birth of my firstborn. We, unfortunately, got off to a hectic start for the first week after he was born. A passion grew for helping other parents understand what their journey may entail and to be a "cheerleader" for as long as I was wanted/needed.

Why did you become an IBCLC?

I am passionate about providing breastfeeding education to families and helping parents to reach their goals! I want to empower and encourage parents to make their own choices for their families.

What do you wish you could tell every parent (that they would actually do) and why?

Take a moment to just breathe and trust yourself! You know your body and your little one more than anyone. The road isn't always easy, but you will find a helping hand if you have the courage to ask.