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Joanna Cascione, IBCLC

Joanna is a Registered Nurse and IBCLC, working as a Lactation Consultant in a hospital and private practice. She is also a school nurse and the health center director for a sleepaway camp. With a background as a consultant for families with children on the autism spectrum, a birth doula, and a postpartum/mother-baby RN, Joanna has experience with families of all types and stages.

Her own journey of breastfeeding her two children and the challenges she faced (postpartum depression/anxiety, tongue-ties, and an utterly boob-obsessed toddler, to name a few) shaped her approach to helping new mothers. She believes that however you feed your baby, it can be a nurturing and enjoyable experience for your whole family.

Joanna lives in Brooklyn, NY with her wife and kids, Jasper the cat, and two gerbils, Nipper and Nilla. She enjoys supporting families of all kinds and feels especially privileged to work with LGBTQ+ families as they navigate their unique set of options.