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Amy Nansteel, IBCLC

Amy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and holds a Master's degree in Human Lactation. For the past 10 years she has worked in multiple settings including private practice, hospital-based care and working with moms in the WIC clinic. This variety of environments has lent her the ability to understand and work with babies and families at all stages of life, from fragile NICU babies to toddlers who don't want to wean! Amy has four children ages 8, 11, 13, and 15 who she breastfed over the course of nearly 14 years combined. Her passion is meeting moms where they are at, without judgement, to help them meet their breastfeeding goals. She and her husband love to travel and have taken their family all over the world to places such as South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica, and all of the lower 48 states! When she isn't working or traveling you can find her backyard farming, loving on her chickens and ducks!.