Tedra Stanley, IBCLC

As a Chiropractor, “Dr. Tedra“ was honored for over 16 years to help countless families in all aspects of their health journey, not just their spines. In her practice of Mamas,  Babies, and Children, the focus on natural health meant lots of breastfeeding families sought her help. A  breastfeeding Mom herself, Tedra had a special interest and focus on helping patients to reach their goals in breastfeeding. She continued her studies and made it official by achieving her IBCLC certification in 2019.

The core of Tedra’s approach to breastfeeding is the conviction that ”Moms don’t fail.” If breastfeeding isn’t going well, it is not Mom’s or Baby’s fault- they simply need more resources and support. It is our job as healthcare providers to give Mama the tools, instruction, and expert attention to make her and Baby’s shared journey a success, and help her to meet her unique breastfeeding goals.

Tedra has extensive experience with tongue ties/TOTS, from both a Lactation and a Bodywork perspective. She has presented on TOTS internationally and seeks to make a complicated subject more accessible for parents and providers.

Tedra has two adult daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. She loves gardening, crafting, and spending time with her menagerie of 2 cats, 19 chickens, and a goofy Goldendoodle named Charlie.