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Rachel Peiffer, IBCLC

Rachel’s passion for families and children began at age 12 babysitting in her neighborhood. At sixteen, she started professionally nannying children through college. Upon graduating from nursing school, she moved right into pediatrics. She has a broad range of experience as an RN with special needs infants, post-partum, special care nursery, and research. In these settings, the family was the central unit for care and developing a plan around their needs was always the priority. Upon having her first child, she fell in love with lactation and recognized the experience went well beyond just nutrition.

At the hospital, she was on the Breastfeeding Advisory Board to assist in the development of policies for high-risk infants to receive mother’s/donor milk and vital interactions such as skin to skin. While working as an RN, she became a Le Leche Leader where she felt bridging the gap between the hospital and community was vital to long-term breastfeeding success. She opened a private practice while still working in the hospital; delivering lactation care in multiple settings: outpatient, in-patient NICU, post-partum, pediatrics, and teaching classes.

Rachel truly believes breastfeeding is an art-we all have our own style. She feels blessed to be a part of a family’s breastfeeding journey, navigating them through all the different situations they will encounter with an open heart and open mind.