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Tips for a Successful Visit

Once your appointment is confirmed, complete your registration through our private patient portal and complete your pre-visit questionnaires.
Ensure your phone, tablet or computer is connected to a high-speed internet connection. Mobile networks can be less reliable.
Your environment during your visit should ensure any desired level of privacy. We suggest placing your camera on a secure and stable platform at eye level. Reduce background noise as much as possible and minimize background light behind you and your child. You may want to provide your child with an age-appropriate distraction if needed.
We encourage our families to allow us to connect with their regular pediatric and obstetric providers to communicate about their visit and treatment plan. This allows us all to maintain the integrity of your Medical Home. Completing our online Release of Information Form will enable all of your child’s care providers to work together as a team. Learn more about the medical home concept on our Resources page.



No need to call out of work or load everyone into the car! Simply login for your child’s next appointment and be on your way to work and school faster.


Individualized care and treatment based on today’s evidence-based medicine with consideration for your family’s unique needs and preferences.


Early morning hours provide the answers you need to
plan your day.
Additional appointments available on your family’s schedule.


Our modern practice guarantees your child’s medical care the same protection, privacy and security you’d expect from every health care office.