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Christine Reese


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Please share anything you'd like from your own personal breastfeeding experience.

I have three children. I nursed my first son until he was 13 months, my second until he was 15 months, and currently nursing my 7-month-old daughter, and I hope to continue nursing her for as long as possible! 

Breastfeeding has been an overall enjoyable experience for me. But I have definitely needed support along the way to keep on track with my goals and for reassurance that I was doing a "good job" for my children.

What excites you most about being an IBCLC?

I love the opportunity to be a small part of a family's experience of welcoming a new child. Personally, I find this to be one of the most exciting experiences in life, and I truly enjoy and appreciate every family that allows me to take part in this special time in their lives.

In what types of settings have you supported patients in lactation?

Hospital, NICU, outpatient, prenatal classes, virtual

What makes up your family (people & pets)?

My family includes my husband, Steve, two little sons, Jack and Andrew, and new daughter, Josie.

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?

I enjoy game nights with my family, going to the beach, and exercising.

Please share any additional education or certifications you have.

Registered Nurse, Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition, NRP Certified

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When did you know you wanted to become an IBCLC?

I always knew I loved babies and wanted to be a mother. After taking an International Nutrition class in college, learning a great deal about breastfeeding and the impact it has on families all over the world, I realized my calling was to become an IBCLC.

Why did you become an IBCLC?

I love everything about welcoming a new baby. I feel that all parents deserve as much support as they need to ensure this experience is enjoyable and memorable in a positive way. Becoming an IBCLC, for me, was a small way of offering this support and hopefully making another family's experience just a little bit more enjoyable.

What do you wish you could tell every parent (that they would actually do) and why?

Try to embrace and breathe through the tough moments; they will not last forever. Know that support is absolutely necessary in any new experience, but especially with it comes to parenting. 

There is no circumstance where the word "failure" should be applied to a parenting journey. However, if achieving a specific goal as a parent is important to you, it should be important to those in your inner circle - surround yourself with people who will lift you up in those tough parenting moments!