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We’ve been there, we know what it’s like. The postpartum period can be full of emotions and frustration over lactation concerns can cloud the more beautiful moments.
Let us step in.

Our team of board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) will help address your nursing concerns right here, through online video visits.
And, it’s free.

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answers to common questions

How do I know if baby is getting enough milk?
Is my milk in?
Why am I in pain?
Do I wake my baby to eat?
Why is my baby crying?
When should I pump?
How often should baby be feeding?
Is it normal to want to quit?

For new and seasoned mothers alike, nursing journeys are unique, and challenges arise along the way. Our babies and their needs are constantly changing.
Whatever your personal feeding goals may be, we will help you achieve them.

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The ACA mandates that lactation support be a fully covered health benefit for all women.
Commercial plan members of our partner networks are eligible for up to 6 lactation visits with us, per pregnancy, with no out of pocket cost.

Carefirst BCBS
United Healthcare
Tricare Prime and Standard
Johns Hopkins Healthcare EHP
Health Net Federal Services

Once you schedule your visit, your eligibility with your individual health plan will be confirmed prior to your appointment.

succeed today, shower tomorrow

Identifying nursing issues early helps ensure a happy and healthy breastfeeding experience.
Our board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) provide easy access to feeding support for common newborn feeding-related concerns.
All of our providers are mothers themselves, with first-hand knowledge of the reality of nursing a newborn.


Prenatal Lactation Education
Preparing for Success
Transitioning Home from the Hospital
Learning Baby’s Cues
Feeding During the First Week
Engorgement Support


Positioning & Latch Assistance
Nipple Soreness and Bleeding
Infection Prevention
Let-Down Concerns
Maintaining a Healthy Milk Supply


Pump Use and Care
Balancing Life with Nursing
Supplementing and Bottle-feeding
Safe Milk Storage
Return-To-Work Planning
Tandem Nursing & Weaning

We accept and bill directly for members of:
Carefirst BCBS
United Healthcare
Tricare Prime and Standard
Johns Hopkins Healthcare EHP
Health Net Federal Services

Commercial health plans cover at 100{78d1cf1b0f72b10595521e1ed58d3e2fcb89459b94b45048013add752bb95cfe} with no copay or applicable deductible.
Self-funded plans may cover your visit.
We will verify your benefits for you \ prior to your visit.

Discounted rates are available for members of other networks, including Maryland Medicaid MCO and MCHP members, as well as those who are uninsured.


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You're not alone. If you're struggling with even
the smallest lactation concern, let us step in to help reassure you that it does take a village.
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About Nest Collaborative

Nest Collaborative is a Maryland-based pediatric and lactation practice.

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLCs®) provide support to new and seasoned mothers in achieving their personal feeding goals.

Our online video telehealth visits provide on-demand access to expert lactation consultants when mothers need it most. We troubleshoot feeding concerns and provide lactation management during the postpartum period, in addition to any point of transition during a woman’s breastfeeding journey.

For nursing issues that require in-person management, referrals are always available.